December, 1995
Can-Do National Tape Exit on AltAssets

River Capital, an Atlanta-based private investment firm, has acquired Consumer Product Enterprises, Inc. (“CPE”).

CPE, headquartered in Union, South Carolina, is a manufacturer of non-woven colored acrylic felt for consumer use. In 1994, as part of the Company’s growth strategy, it acquired two companies, including a supplier of canvas products sold to the outdoor furniture industry and a line of prepackaged fabrics sold to the home sewing and crafts markets. The Company competes primarily in a broadly defined and fragmented craft industry.

River Capital is one of the oldest firms of its type in the Southeast and has acquired companies in a broad range of industries with combined annual revenues in excess of $600 million. River Capital primarily invests in light manufacturing, distribution and select service companies with purchase prices of $10 million to $50 million. For add-on acquisition candidates, the firm will consider companies with a purchase price less than $10 million.