Tooker Callaway

Tooker Callaway

Tooker Callaway ( is an Associate of River Capital.

Mr. Callaway joined River Capital in the Spring of 2022 and leads River Capital’s business development team. Mr. Callaway is responsible for developing and managing River Capital’s origination initiatives for new and existing portfolio companies and overseeing its network of corporations, business brokers, investment bankers, and other intermediaries.

Mr. Callaway has extensive deal execution experience in all phases of the investment process. Managerially, Mr. Callaway contributes to the management of River Capital’s portfolio companies and is involved in their hiring, financial planning, and operational improvement initiatives.

Before joining River Capital, Mr. Callaway served as Vice President of a boutique investment bank in Memphis, TN, specializing in buy-side consulting services tailored to ultra-high net worth investors, private equity groups, and search funds.

Mr. Callaway earned his bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in history from Rhodes College.